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Urbanroll Services

  1. Music Promotion
    Our Promotional Campaigns are designed to raise awareness of our clients crafts and get them on the radar of real listeners and music fans! We have a strong social media presence that can benefit anyone looking to get more song plays, potential fans, and supporters of their craft
  2. Audio Production
    Record your next single or mixtape with us,  at very affordable rates.
  3. Event Video coverage and publicity 
    From affordable single camera solutions to large scale multi-camera live broadcasts, our focus is on providing a high-quality video solution that captures your event’s key moments, maximizes the filming potential, and delivers promptly, all while offering you exceptional value for money.
  4. Models for Hire
    Our models for hire will gain attention while drawing attention to your video for increased exposure.
    We know bubbly personalities and showcasing one’s assets isn’t for everyone, but for those particular industries with those needs, we provide girls that will light up your music video
  5. Music Video Production
    Want to produce a music video? We have a talented team ready to help your vision come to life. We provide a range of service levels, for just about any budget.

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