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LYRICS : Flowking Stone – Fire Burn Dem Remix ft Shatta Wale N Sarkodie

LYRICS : Flowking Stone - Fire Burn Dem Remix ft Shatta Wale N Sarkodie

Artiste : FlowKing Stone ft Sarkodie & Shatta Wale
Song lyrics : Fire Burn Dem Remix


    INTRO (FlowKing Stone N Sarkodie)
Yeah..Flowking Stone…Sark ma me Huuh baako….Huuh!
Interlude :
We dont really hear what they say
ears on the Beats by Dre 2X

   VERSE 1 (Sarkodie)
Mene Flowking apromise apromise
afei de3 moabr3 y3 ne promises
Mediafo) no koraa feeli s3 beef ne
But eno be so,na y33p3 beat ne
Fire Bon Dem y3de b3ma street no
momma nento menuanom a mogu
Kumasi s3 metuky3 ma mo
meb) mpae3 nso a meb) bi ma mo
S3 nka Hiphop y3 Alatafo) awade3 a
anka daa mosi dwom a anka sika no
meto bi mamo
Switch the style up
Flow dey pile up
medelivery flow so the kids go wild
No smiles,mean muggin
mene other rappers,huge magine
King Sark bow down the greatness
Polisifo fr3 me s3 menjoti me
Bout ‘main,Sark Collection
Swag turn up mmmwuah
Those days are gone
No sin no wrong
mehy3 kasahare no s3 Pantalon
Ka nokwr3 na 3nkane na mobu me
the Gon
but mede twi ak) manim ma mapruvi
mo wrong
mede nwom no ak) aman)ne
madane Kofi Bab)ne
Metu nka s3 m)m)ne
egu manum a 3nane
mek) manim a me mane
modi makyi so a medwane
mob) medin a menyane
ne nyinaa so ma onyame
Rap agye manum mehia gum
nas3 dea mekaae3 na monte ase3 a
chingum na ma brofolize namaka ne
)kyeame Kwame,Kunta Kinte,Cabum
Niga What
2050 na me cup b3y3 ma
but am a fan till this day
King Kojo-Cue y3de b3fra s3 Rice
and Stew
obia ntu neky3 Tema boys in the
building huuh!

   CHORUS (Shatta Wale)
We burn burn the bad mind dem
Fire burn burn the bad man dem
See we burn burn the bad mind dem
Fire burn burn the bad man dem
Yay3 komkomm nso y3daso sem
we burn burn the bad mind dem
y33yi nwom no )tamfo bi yem eeee
We burn burn the bad mind dem

   VERSE 2 (Flowking Stone)
No matter what the hater go dey do
never loose on the rise/rice like stew
we dey move
we de dudes from Oseikrom
hoods we were brood
megyee medin de3 moop3 nsia –
Y3se mene Shatta Wale nantee3 no
magye nsam
Sark nso de neho agyem, abu akem
Moanyane gyata mede mob3y3 me
mewe mo wie a mede sika ayi mesim
Sesei mesikas3m k) soro as3 de3
me bank k) plain mu
3mere me hustle no de moa3nhu
nti mede Bugati black n3b3 quenchi
me pain no
12years daso gyina game nim
Nipa bone se waplani
so wadane
nti wadwane
nka )b3ha me na mekaa madwen
afei wastarte plani
but ma hand is where the gun is
never panic so we running
3mm3 ka ma na wob3 drowne –
Now we coming up the game
money aint anything
We dey reign forgeti the fame
we dey represent for the fans
Tema y3 me fam/farm
Tamale y3 me fans/fence
Ghana rap king,no matter the weather
we dey reign/rain
Boys no y3 eye red tes3 conshon
nti na makye mo ahy3 ma motuom
s3 dondon na meebom bhim bhim
abi Stone boy
wony3 president o nso woy3 John
mo nono meb3 ma na fono mo
s3 nka rap y3 aboa a nka mene )
sono no
me nono mey3 k3se dadabee afono
s3 m3go?no no no
never old mono no
y3no no
we never dey follow never borrow
shoutouts to ma nigga Pono
never solo
mene nkukuo tes3 Kumasi ne po no
s3 mode3 mo mone nkukuo tes3
ashawoni ne gono
tes3 Burkina Faso ne Ghana
Flowking n3te so

(Chorus repeat)

   VERSE 3 (Shatta Wale)
Bon every bad mind we nah wan diz
Flowking Stone Shatta Wale still
Long tym we tell em we nah wana
dem close
wey de snitch man dey pon anada
ma toes
Life is all about tymin
make we eat and never stop grinnin
knuo sey mana still still climbin
yes Ksi we are rising
Ona frend no bada you of a tang to
tell your fan dem to walk to me
Flowking Stone sey bon every bad
all you ah go end up in the mortuary
Hah!compulsory sey
Ah Nima risen
every ghetto youth sey bon every
badmind ya

(Chorus repeats)  Flowking Stone Fire Burn Dem Remix ft Shatta Wale Sarkodie lyrics



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