Kwesi Slay – Wedi Bet (Official Video)


Fast Rising music star known as Kwesi Slay, is gradually breaking through the music scene with the help of his own people from Ashaiman.

It’s every artiste’s greatest joy when they have uninterrupted home support and dedication to their craft. In Kwesi Slay’s case, the people of Ashaiman (A town in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana) aren’t only supporting his music but shown incredible dedication to his music and brand.

Kwesi Slay does music mainly to talk about street reality and most people (The youth) from that part of the country relate to his lyrics fully. This is what happens when you speak the truth in your songs and become the voice of the youth. Fans of Kwesi Slay known as “Slay Nation” have mad love for the artiste and will show off their involvement with the fan base anywhere.

There are some die-hard fans who have tattooed “Slay Nation” boldly on the arm and some show it off in their haircut. Where ever they see Kwesi Slay, they make sure they get close to him to have a word with him or wave the “Slay Nation” Flag just to draw his attention. The love shown to Kwesi Slay is simply adorable and spells the awesome future he has musically.

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