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Finding Me Ep by Kay Dizzle is out and we love it

The album launch for Kay Dizzle’s ‘Finding Me’ EP album will go down as one of the biggest events inside Dansoman in 2017 as it brought together some of Dansoman’s most talented artists and gathered a crowd that was fully charged from start to end.
The event started as scheduled inside the Roots and Soul lounge where DJ Vibes treated the fast gathering crowd to some beautiful afrobeat music. By 8:00 pm the event had to be moved from the smaller indoor venue to the bigger outdoor venue on the rooftop because of the size of the fast-growing crowd. The show then restarted at 9pm exactly with some of Dansoman’s finest artist putting in some really wicked and energetic performances to keep the crowd on their feet all through the night. Some notable performances on stage included Unyx, Yaw Nanna, Epixode, Malele, JahLead, 1 Cedi, Jo Quaye and many more other artists. The event was very fun and interactive with some comedy, live painting by Deyara, people winning phone credit, and also one lucky person won a jumper from ADK Africa, one of the supporting sponsors. There was also an in-depth interview session with Kay Dizzle inbetween performances where he told his story about how he started the musical journey and also some of his plans going forward. When it was finally time for Kay Dizzle to perform, the crowd was overly charged and excited and the afrobeat sensation did not disappoint, with people singing along to almost every song that came on. The climax of Kay Dizzle’s performance was when he dropped his hit single fantastic which got the crowd so electric and jumping all over while singing along. The night was a very successful night that any rising artist would dream of. A big congratulation goes to Kay Dizzle and team for hosting such a historic and exciting event.

The Finding Me EP by Kay Dizzle is finally out now and can be purchased on for only GHC 5.00. This album is really guaranteed to get you bumping your head and it is worth the buy.

Support your own and get your copy now. Follow Kay Dizzle on all social media at kaydizzle1000

Find below the link to purchase the Finding Me EP album.

Kay Dizzle #FindingMeEP Launchon 30th Nov. 2017.Download EP here:

Posted by Kay Dizzle on Monday, December 4, 2017



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